Our mission is to restore our clients to a level of health at which they can return to an active and physically fit lifestyle. We take pride in the achievement of our members’ transformation from unfit to fit.

Start-To-Fit has an in-house Chiropractor who specializes in Muscle Activation therapy. Patients who are being treated acutely are provided with a complimentary membership to the fitness facility if they are not currently a member of another health facility. Patients who are members of another health facility or working with other fitness coaches and personal trainers are provided with rehabilitation exercise program that is encouraged to be shared with their trainer or coach. We find proper rehabilitation of activated muscles encourages compliance and promotes a faster recovery.

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Services We Offer

Start-To-Fit offers a wide variety of services that includes Chiropractic care, Rehabilitation services, a 24-hour full-size gym, Personal Training, Fitness Classes and Clinical Whole Food Nutrition program. We work closely with many Fitness facilities, health coaches and Personal trainers to address muscle instabilities resulting in their clients living a pain-free lifestyle. Our main focus is improving the quality and functionality of ALL patients and or clients. Enabling them to work out on their own, participate in small or large group classes or Personal Training. There is something here for everyone. Our Fitness community ranges from beginners (Start) To pros (Fit).

Gym Hours

Our facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The value of your gym membership:

  • Complete access to the facility
  • Discount on all our classes
  • FREE fitness assessment
  • Free equipment tutorial
  • Free consultation
  • Discount on personal training packages
  • Eligible for our reward program

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Personal Training

Discover the benefits of personal training! We have a variety of training packages to choose from with experienced personal trainers who can accommodate your busy schedule. Contact us or stop in today for more information!

Note: All sessions are either thirty, forty-five or sixty minutes long, based on the package purchased. It is the client’s responsibility to arrive five to ten minutes before the scheduled time, to warm up and be ready for the workout. Zero to fifteen minutes of tardiness will result in the time being deducted from the session, and after fifteen minutes, the session will be rescheduled, and you will be charged. Failure to notify the trainer within 14 days of any prolonged absence, the account will be marked inactive. After 30 days of inactivity, and no communication with the trainer, the account will be cancelled and no refund will be issued. All refunds are subject to the initial package cost and not the discounted rate.

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Health History Forms

Please download and fill out the health history forms below.

Exercise History and Behavior Questionnaire

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