About Us


Kabari Wellness offers a variety of services that includes Chiropractic Care, Muscle Activation Therapy, Neurological Connections, Kinesio-Taping, Active Release Therapy, Nasal Specific Technique, Massage Therapy, Hydromassage Therapy, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation services, Clinical Whole Food Nutrition, 24 hour full size gyms, Personal Training and Fitness Classes. Our multidisciplinary clinic works closely with many health care providers, other health and fitness facilities and organizations. Our health coaches and personal trainers are trained to address muscle instabilities in their clients living a pain-free lifestyle. Our main focus is improving the quality of life and functionality of ALL patients and or clients. Enabling them to workout on their own, participate in small or large group classes or personal training. There is something here for everyone. Our Fitness community ranges from beginners (Start) To pros (Fit).


Dr. Kabari

Dr. Kingsley Kabari is a licensed chiropractor and owner of Kabari Chiropractic, Maximum Fitness and Start To Fit. He is a health and fitness specialist with extensive training in the field of functional medicine and the founder of Advanced Muscle Kinetics (AMK). He also practices Active Release Technique, Kinesiotaping, Clinical Whole Food Nutrition, Nasal Specific Technique and Connect X.

Whether you have postural issues, injuries, sports related pain, acute pain, or long-term pain with your only solution medication and or surgery; we encourage you to give Kabari Chiropractic a try. We thoroughly obtain a detailed history of the complaint, examine the areas of the complaint, diagnose and treat. Our multidisciplinary wellness clinic has made us leader in the field of functional medicine and our patients see immediate results with overall decrease therapy time.